EUROPE DAY | 9 May 2019

Call for Action for Europe Day 9 May 

The European Union has been under attack from populists inside and outside the EU trying to undermine its achievements and values. Pro-European citizens, civil society, media and politicians are calling for revitalisation of the European dream and renewed impulse to the EU integration as the best form of protection for Europeans in the 21st century. 

The time has come for a counter-offensive by all pro-European political forces to regain the hearts and minds of citizens. We call on liberals to join us in mobilising local politicians and civil society for a large pro-European movement on 9 May 2019.


Europe day in saint-omer…

Watch how our Vice-President François Decoster and French EU affairs Minister Nathalie Loiseau celebrated Europe Day with a Reflection on Europe event, meeting citizens in Saint-Omer to debate about the future of Europe.




Europe day 2017

To celebrate Europe Day on 9 May our Mayors Bart Somers of Mechelen and François Decoster of Saint-Omer organized events to bring Europe closer to their citizens.

Mechelen - Belgium

In Mechelen, people joined Mayor Bart Somers at a gathering around the statue of Ludwig Van Beethoven to listen to the “Ode to joy”, the official anthem of the European Union since 1985. This anthem expresses the European ideals of freedom, peace and solidarity. Composer Ludwig van Beethoven’s grandfather, Lodewijk Van Beethoven, was born in Mechelen and lived there until he moved to Germany. Since Van Beethoven’s roots trace back to Mechelen, both men are honoured with a statue in the city.

Saint-omer - france

In Saint-Omer, Mayor François Decoster invited European officials to introduce their work to citizens who don’t always have the opportunity to talk to people working for the EU institutions. They discussed how their jobs and daily duties contributed to the lives of citizens across Europe by visiting schools, a retirement home, local companies and a home for young refugees.